Why Himalaya Windows and Doors

Choosing Himalaya, Choosing the leading technologies in the industry.

At Himalaya, we continuously improving every single component of our products, we only supply superior quality windows and doors with high energy performance.

A system is “a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements that form a complex whole”.

Hybrid Framing System

Our Hybrid Framing System features several integrated technologies that work together to create an advanced window and door system: galvanized steel framing integrally bonded to unplasticized European UPVC profiles in a form factor that integrates multi-point locking hardware and a unique triple weatherseal system. It is the successful integration of these technologies in configurations that have been lab and field tested to meet the demanding requirements of high rise, oceanfront and all-climate construction that differentiates the Himalaya product line from conventional windows and doors.

Integral Steel Reinforcement

Unlike conventional vinyl windows, every lineal frame and sash profile is integrally bonded to internal steel reinforcing before the windows are assembled. Combining these materials results in a hybrid frame with unique properties: more resistant to weathering and water damage than wood, stronger and more resistant to heat distortion than vinyl, more resistant to heat transfer than aluminum, with welded joints that are stronger and more resistant to water penetration than fiberglass.

These steel-UPVC frames are stiff and strong, and overcome the limitations of conventional vinyl products. They provide the wind load resistance needed for large windows and door, and resist bowing, sagging and warping from temperature changes.

UPVC Framing

Himalaya profiles are made from environmentally friendly, certified lead-free and unplasticized PVC (UPVC). And our frames are fully recyclable, including the steel and UPVC in the profiles.

A chief advantage of UPVC is the ability to fusion weld the frame joints. Welded joints, especially of thicker profiles, are stronger than mechanical joints and are completely watertight. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass, and lower quality vinyl windows that have punched and screwed corner and mullion joints that rely on sealants and can work loose or leak, Himalaya corner and mullion joints are fusion welded, eliminating one of the major pathways of water penetration into building walls.

Multi-point Locking Hardware

Multi-point locking hardware is an integral element of Himalaya’s industry leading air and water tightness, precisely aligning mating surfaces to maintain contact in all weather conditions, and adjustable along three axes to compensate for minor settlement and wear. This makes it possible to “tune” the hardware to maintain performance over many years, instead of having it decline from the day it leaves the factory.

Continuous Seal Technology

Himalaya product feature our exclusive continuous seal technology that also contributes to better air and water tightness over the life of the product. Located at every window or door sash, this unique triple weatherseal system features a flexible and continuous center gasket designed to remain in contact under all environmental conditions.

The center gasket also protects the multi-point hardware system from sometimes corrosive exterior air, and actually improves the thermal performance by dividing the sash-to-frame gap in two to reduce convection.

The advantages of our continuous seal technology are evident in laboratory test reports. Himalaya window and door products have water resistance penetration that exceeds the highest ratings. Himalaya products with operable windows and doors have air tightness ratings comparable to those of fixed windows.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Every window and door is made from a combination of components. But rarely are the components combined in such an elegant and effective way that their properties complement one another to produce a finely-tuned and tune-able product with compelling features.

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